Monday, December 25, 2006

My Special One

No....Not him. The self-proclaimed "Special One" Though I like him as a manager, he is successfully because of this man below

Mr Roman , You are destroying soccer with all your wealth.

Him? U got to be kidding me. He's such sore loser. Always finding excuses when his team lost a match.

Old Sir Fergie? Nope. I dislikes him. He shot himself in his own foot by postponing his retirement. His "hairdryer" treatment is working but have blown away some big named players.

Oh yes! he is my Special One!!! Champion League Winner and Carling Cup Runner Up in his 1st season in charge. Winner of FA Cup and Super Cup in his second season. What coming up next? The EPL title? I'm waiting.

This is my club!

He's my man! Chelsea , Man Utd and Arsenal, look with envy!!

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