Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hillsbrough Tragedy

As I read about how Liverpool FC and the supporters paid their respect to the 96 victims during the Hillbrough tragedy, I could not help but to recall the incident that fateful day.

I was 15 at that time. I could still remembered I was watching the telecast of the FA Cup semi-final when suddenly crowd broke into the field. Mayhem and chaos engulf. Back then, I was wondering what was happening. I could see spectators are trying to flee the place. Moments later, something was very wrong. I saw people using the advertisement board as stretchers. However I was unable to realise the seriousness of the heart broken moments.

I went through some letters written by the parents / kin / spouse on their thoughts on her children / sblings / spouse that never returned after a football match, I felt terribly upset.

Personally, I hope these people will be strong and that their love ones who perished in this tragedy will always remain in their heart.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Sick Of Man Utd's Luck

If Man Utd is to win the BPL title this season, it is donw on pure luck.

It was certain that Man Utd are destined to drop a total of 4 points on the matches against Aston Villa and Sunderland. Then they ended up with maximum points.

The goal against Villa was scored in injury time by a certain 17 year old boy named Macheda. In the match against the Black Cats, he struck his foot out to deflect the ball into the net to deny Sunderland a point.

Man Utd was not impressive and convincing in their play. On the contrary, Liverpool played superbly to thrashed Man Utd 4-1, hammered Villa 5-0, outplayed Fulham 1-0 and beat Blackburn 4-0.

I'm really sick to see Liverpool overcome their opponent with class while Man Utd need Lady Luck to win the game for them.

Maybe it is destined that Man Utd will win the title this season. They owe the title to the boy from Lazio.

I'm just wish that this boy can disappear from Man Utd for now until the season end.

I smply have no respect for Man Utd at the way they win matches.

Liverpool is the better team now.

It's suck to see Man Utd regaining the top spot everytime Liverpool climbed to the submit.

The BPL is becoming less interesting now if Man Utd keep getting lucky.

Thr truth is : Man Utd suckssss!!

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