Saturday, March 14, 2009

Man Utd Humiliated By Liverpool...At Old Trafford

Just look at the scoreline above.

When was the last time the Red Devils conceded 4 goals at Old Trafford?

When was the last time Man Utd was humiliated at Old Trafford?

And when was the last time Mau Utd lost to Liverpool by such margin?

Ask Old Fergie, just ask him, will you, all you Man Utd fan?

After thrashing Real Madrid 4-0 in mid week, the Anfield boys showed that they mean business by handling a footballing lesson to the arrogance boys from Old Trafford.

Mr Rooney, did you say you hate Liverpool? This is a slap on your mouth for your remarks.

Mr. Fergie, did you say you are still fuming over "Rafa Rant"? This is Rafa's response to you.

Never mind if Man Utd go on to win the title, they will always remember this humiliating defeat. So what Vidic was sent off? Mascherano was also sent off in last year corresponding fixture.

Sorry Red Devils, you were pathetic in this match. Even before Vidic was off, Liverpool was always on top. You needed a penalty to take the lead.

Hopefuly, after this defeat, Rooney will shut his mouth. Mr Fergie, you can go ahead to retire and Mr. C.Ronaldo, could you please stop opening your legs wide apart when you are taking your freekicks? It really make my day to see Old Fergie getting black faced not only once but four time last night.

Enough of Man Utd.

I guess this victory is even sweeter than the midweek game due to the margin and venue of the win.

Gerrard was magnificant, Torres was sublime and making Vidic look like novice. Aurelio and Dossena were having their better game. All the Liverpool players were simply awesome.

Indeed, Liverpool broke some record this year having ended Chelsea long unbeaten record at home and became the first team to win at Old Trafford 4-1 for a long time.

It was a vintage display from Liverpool. Credit must be given to the players and Rafa.

May this victory spur Liverpool to push for the title and may this defeat derail Fergie and his boys.

For now, let all associated with Liverpool FC savour this victory at OLD TRAFFORD.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Is Over, Reds!

Man Utd, please pop the champange all you want. Celebrate all you want and laugh all you want. You are going to lift the BPL title come May.

Mr Rafa, what are you thinking? In a must win game, you play Sktrel on the right back, you play El Zahar who I think is a lousy player and you left Yossi on the Riera and Yossi on the bench.

After the famous at the Bernabeu, you destroy Liverpool's hope of wining their 1st BPL title in 19 years. Where was the hero on that night? Was Yossi injured? Was he tired? Why didn't you start with him in place of El Zahar? He missed a clear goal by skying the ball over. Please sell him away.

Liverpool clearly lack the strength and depth on the bench. Rafa, why did you buy Ngog? Is he a gem? If yes, why aren't other big clubs going for him? He is such a softie. He does not suit the BPL. Please offload him. Is Nemeth or Pacheo better than him?

The timing of Keane's departure is questionable. To cut on the loss, you sold Keane and not find any replacement.

What are you thinking Rafa? Say Bye Bye to your BPL title. Be beware, Chelsea and Villa may catch the team judging from last night dismay performance.
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