Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank You and Goodbye, Sami Hyppia

The Marking Of A Truly Great Finn.

With his move to Bayer Leverkusen confirmed next season, it marked the end of a 10 years industrious career with Liverpool where Hyppia won numerous trophies with the Reds.

I must admit that when Houllier signed him in 1999, I was saying "Hyppia who?". He was relatively an unknown centre back. I had my doubts.

Soon he formed a formidable partnership with Henchoz that set the platform for Liverpool's treble in 2000. Hyppia positioning and reading of the game is excellent. He also was a good target man for corner kicks where he scored goals with his head.

He repaid the faith and money Liverpool showed and paid for him.

As his career with Liverpool finally end, I wish Hyppia all the best and he shall remain as one of Liverpool's legend.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hillsbrough Tragedy

As I read about how Liverpool FC and the supporters paid their respect to the 96 victims during the Hillbrough tragedy, I could not help but to recall the incident that fateful day.

I was 15 at that time. I could still remembered I was watching the telecast of the FA Cup semi-final when suddenly crowd broke into the field. Mayhem and chaos engulf. Back then, I was wondering what was happening. I could see spectators are trying to flee the place. Moments later, something was very wrong. I saw people using the advertisement board as stretchers. However I was unable to realise the seriousness of the heart broken moments.

I went through some letters written by the parents / kin / spouse on their thoughts on her children / sblings / spouse that never returned after a football match, I felt terribly upset.

Personally, I hope these people will be strong and that their love ones who perished in this tragedy will always remain in their heart.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Sick Of Man Utd's Luck

If Man Utd is to win the BPL title this season, it is donw on pure luck.

It was certain that Man Utd are destined to drop a total of 4 points on the matches against Aston Villa and Sunderland. Then they ended up with maximum points.

The goal against Villa was scored in injury time by a certain 17 year old boy named Macheda. In the match against the Black Cats, he struck his foot out to deflect the ball into the net to deny Sunderland a point.

Man Utd was not impressive and convincing in their play. On the contrary, Liverpool played superbly to thrashed Man Utd 4-1, hammered Villa 5-0, outplayed Fulham 1-0 and beat Blackburn 4-0.

I'm really sick to see Liverpool overcome their opponent with class while Man Utd need Lady Luck to win the game for them.

Maybe it is destined that Man Utd will win the title this season. They owe the title to the boy from Lazio.

I'm just wish that this boy can disappear from Man Utd for now until the season end.

I smply have no respect for Man Utd at the way they win matches.

Liverpool is the better team now.

It's suck to see Man Utd regaining the top spot everytime Liverpool climbed to the submit.

The BPL is becoming less interesting now if Man Utd keep getting lucky.

Thr truth is : Man Utd suckssss!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Man Utd Humiliated By Liverpool...At Old Trafford

Just look at the scoreline above.

When was the last time the Red Devils conceded 4 goals at Old Trafford?

When was the last time Man Utd was humiliated at Old Trafford?

And when was the last time Mau Utd lost to Liverpool by such margin?

Ask Old Fergie, just ask him, will you, all you Man Utd fan?

After thrashing Real Madrid 4-0 in mid week, the Anfield boys showed that they mean business by handling a footballing lesson to the arrogance boys from Old Trafford.

Mr Rooney, did you say you hate Liverpool? This is a slap on your mouth for your remarks.

Mr. Fergie, did you say you are still fuming over "Rafa Rant"? This is Rafa's response to you.

Never mind if Man Utd go on to win the title, they will always remember this humiliating defeat. So what Vidic was sent off? Mascherano was also sent off in last year corresponding fixture.

Sorry Red Devils, you were pathetic in this match. Even before Vidic was off, Liverpool was always on top. You needed a penalty to take the lead.

Hopefuly, after this defeat, Rooney will shut his mouth. Mr Fergie, you can go ahead to retire and Mr. C.Ronaldo, could you please stop opening your legs wide apart when you are taking your freekicks? It really make my day to see Old Fergie getting black faced not only once but four time last night.

Enough of Man Utd.

I guess this victory is even sweeter than the midweek game due to the margin and venue of the win.

Gerrard was magnificant, Torres was sublime and making Vidic look like novice. Aurelio and Dossena were having their better game. All the Liverpool players were simply awesome.

Indeed, Liverpool broke some record this year having ended Chelsea long unbeaten record at home and became the first team to win at Old Trafford 4-1 for a long time.

It was a vintage display from Liverpool. Credit must be given to the players and Rafa.

May this victory spur Liverpool to push for the title and may this defeat derail Fergie and his boys.

For now, let all associated with Liverpool FC savour this victory at OLD TRAFFORD.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It Is Over, Reds!

Man Utd, please pop the champange all you want. Celebrate all you want and laugh all you want. You are going to lift the BPL title come May.

Mr Rafa, what are you thinking? In a must win game, you play Sktrel on the right back, you play El Zahar who I think is a lousy player and you left Yossi on the Riera and Yossi on the bench.

After the famous at the Bernabeu, you destroy Liverpool's hope of wining their 1st BPL title in 19 years. Where was the hero on that night? Was Yossi injured? Was he tired? Why didn't you start with him in place of El Zahar? He missed a clear goal by skying the ball over. Please sell him away.

Liverpool clearly lack the strength and depth on the bench. Rafa, why did you buy Ngog? Is he a gem? If yes, why aren't other big clubs going for him? He is such a softie. He does not suit the BPL. Please offload him. Is Nemeth or Pacheo better than him?

The timing of Keane's departure is questionable. To cut on the loss, you sold Keane and not find any replacement.

What are you thinking Rafa? Say Bye Bye to your BPL title. Be beware, Chelsea and Villa may catch the team judging from last night dismay performance.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is Man Utd for the title.

Liverpool enjoyed their best start to the season in many years. They have only lost once to-date and remain unbeaten against the other "Big 3". More importantly, they have beaten Chelsea twice which is something they could not achieve during Jose Mourhino's rein at Chelsea.

However, their best start is starting to end on a disappointing note if not a distrastous one. Knocked out in the FA Cup and Carling Cup, the Reds are 7 points behind Man Utd with 12 games to play.

History showed that Man Utd usually picked up steam at the turn of the New Year. This is especially true when they manage to turn draws into victories with those 1-0 wins against Stoke, Everton, Wigan and Sunderland. That is a massive points gained. On the other hand, Liverpool had been drawing against mid-teams. While they are impressive in making a comeback to avoid a lost, a draw is deem fatal to their title hope. Liverpool should be on the top of the table had they gained maximum points against Stoke, Fulham, West Ham, Everton, Hull and Man City. That is 12 points lost on all these games!

Benitez is a great tactican but he is no genius when buying players. Robbie Keane is a great example of a poor piece of business. What about Lucas? He is not the player needs. He is poor overall. What can I say about Babel? Not influential when called on to the pitch to make an impact. Who is Ngog and El Zahar anyway? Can they change the game for Liverpool? If Rafa think so, it must be the biggest joke he ever kid!

Without Gerrard, Liverpool cannot function. Simple as that!

Look at Man Utd, they have Rafeal or Evans who can perform exceptionally well when called upon. No Roodney? No problem. They have Berbatov and Tevez? No Torres, big problem because Liverpool has only Ngog? No Carrick or Scholes? No worry, they have Fletcher or Park. No Gerrard or Alonso? Big problem, they have only Lucas? Who is Lucas? Mascherano? He can only pass and break up attack but he cannot shoot properly.

It seems like Man Utd is going to lift the title come May.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Massive Win But Not Good Enough.

After drawing 3 successive games and surrender the top spot to Man Utd, Liverpool secured a morale boosting win against a 10 men Chelsea after Lampard was sent off at the one hour mark.

It has been a frustrating start to the New Year seeing the title challenge gradually withering away. With contracts talk for Agger and Rafa stalling, Rafa going at Man Utd's Chairman , possiblle takeover talks and the future of Keane remain unsolved, Liverpool pressing the self destruct button.

Personally, the Chelsea was billed as the match of "Winner take second." I doubt any team can catch Man Utd now looking at those 1-0 wins. The show the form of a Champion - able to grind out result when the teams played badly. It's a race for second between the Reds and Blues.

Though the win against Chelsea put the title challenge back on track, Liverpool is simply lack the match winner like Man Utd possess. Liverpool is heavily dependant on Gerrard and Torres while Man Utd have players like Ronaldo, Berbatov, Roodney, Tevez and Giggs as match winners.

What if Lampard was not sent off? Would it be another draw for Liverpool. Liverpool dominated the game but could not find the net. The lack of quality in the final third is evident.

Liverpool is just plain lucky to beat Chelsea but they will not be crowned Champion come May.

The score read Torres 2 Chelsea 0.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rafa is losing his plot

First it was a verbal attack on Sir Alex, then on Man Utd's chairman. Liverpool followed with a goalless draw at Stoke. The following day saw Man Utd destroyed Chelsea 3-0.

I do agree with Sir Alex's comment that Rafa is disturbed. Clearly, Rafa knows his team is slowly losing the title race to Man Utd despite leading the table. He is doing everything to unsettle Fergie's team but Fergie is too smart for that.

Failing to beat Stoke home and away must be considered a terrible result for a team like Liverpool. Arsenal has been grinding result recently. If Liverpool is not careful, they might get lose in the race.

With speculation that contract talk with Rafa stall, there seems to be a little problem with Liverpool.

As current things stand, Rafa should worry about his team rather than unsettling Man Utd or others. It is Liverpool that is unsettled.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Liverpool Choke Against Stoke

(Gerrard's face says it all)

Liverpool expected to go 6 points clear from Chelsea after the Stoke game. In the end, the Reds can only master a 0-0 draw against the Potters.

The Reds started with Keane and Torres on the bench while Gerrard play the hole behind Kuyt. This move prove wrong from the start. Liverpool fail to create any real chance. Gerrard was not that his influential self, while Riera fail to add width the to left flank.

Stoke dominate the first half with a shot against the post and a goal disallowed.It was a poor first half for the league leader.

Liverpool started the game with more purpose. Torres replaced Riera at the half hour. In the end, Liverpool produce yet another lacklustre perfomance in a match which they are expected to win.

No wonder Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Liverpool will not last the pace. Base on the last night performance, it is not difficult to see why.

Irregardless of the Chelsea v Man Utd result today, Liverpool will know that they have lost another chance to pull further from the two yet again.

Overall it was a poor poor Liverpool performance.

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