Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rafa is losing his plot

First it was a verbal attack on Sir Alex, then on Man Utd's chairman. Liverpool followed with a goalless draw at Stoke. The following day saw Man Utd destroyed Chelsea 3-0.

I do agree with Sir Alex's comment that Rafa is disturbed. Clearly, Rafa knows his team is slowly losing the title race to Man Utd despite leading the table. He is doing everything to unsettle Fergie's team but Fergie is too smart for that.

Failing to beat Stoke home and away must be considered a terrible result for a team like Liverpool. Arsenal has been grinding result recently. If Liverpool is not careful, they might get lose in the race.

With speculation that contract talk with Rafa stall, there seems to be a little problem with Liverpool.

As current things stand, Rafa should worry about his team rather than unsettling Man Utd or others. It is Liverpool that is unsettled.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Liverpool Choke Against Stoke

(Gerrard's face says it all)

Liverpool expected to go 6 points clear from Chelsea after the Stoke game. In the end, the Reds can only master a 0-0 draw against the Potters.

The Reds started with Keane and Torres on the bench while Gerrard play the hole behind Kuyt. This move prove wrong from the start. Liverpool fail to create any real chance. Gerrard was not that his influential self, while Riera fail to add width the to left flank.

Stoke dominate the first half with a shot against the post and a goal disallowed.It was a poor first half for the league leader.

Liverpool started the game with more purpose. Torres replaced Riera at the half hour. In the end, Liverpool produce yet another lacklustre perfomance in a match which they are expected to win.

No wonder Sir Alex Ferguson claimed that Liverpool will not last the pace. Base on the last night performance, it is not difficult to see why.

Irregardless of the Chelsea v Man Utd result today, Liverpool will know that they have lost another chance to pull further from the two yet again.

Overall it was a poor poor Liverpool performance.

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