Saturday, December 1, 2007

When can I wear this boots again?

The last time I wore this pair of soccer boots was in 2002 where I took part in a 5-A -Side soccer tournament at St.Wilfred Stadium. Then after my gal was born, I stopped going for training and matches.

I thought I can wear it sometime later when my kids are grown up but the unthinkable happened....

I was playing football in a basketball court when I tore my left knee ligament. It was the worse injury that could happened to any soccer player. Some footballers career ended due to this injury. I have gone through 2 surgeries. Though I have trying to get my left leg into shape again, not being a professional player, there is no time for me to go gym everyday to strenghten my knee and do a full physio.

One year on, my knee still hurt a little. With this current state, how can I possibly play football again? I played football since the age of 12. I have played 17 years of football which I enjoyed numerous triumph and suffered several heartaches...Now it seems that I can't play competitive football ever again...It's just so sad...All good things must come to an end.....

Friday, November 30, 2007

Chant of Rafa..Rafa..

Hey..Hey...I was criticising Rafa weeks ago and now I'm backing him again. The Reds manage to put behind the problems off the pitch to rout Poto 4-1 to keep their Champion League hope alive.

There were chant of support for Rafa before the game and rightly so. I have doubts about him but somehow I can see him doing amazing stuff for Liverpool. I guess I got to stick with Rafa and turn against the American owners. I fully agree with Rafa that the targeted players won't come cheap later if we don't sign them now. Liverpool got to signed Javier Meschanro quickly. I could see Rafa adding 2 more defenders and a midfielder should the owners give him the green light to sign players.

I hope Rafa will stay..otherwise all effort will go down the drain...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lions in Tough Group

We are placed in a tough group together with The Saudis, Uzbesks and Lebonese. I wonder wish they could be in the group with the Korea Rep.

Like what Raddy said, we have nothing to lose. I fully agreed. We have exceeded expectation to be in the Top 20 teams in Asia so even if we lose all the matches, we can held our head high.

I can't wait to see the Lions in action again.

Thumbs Up Reds

Despite being elimintaed from Euro 2008 qualifying and a mini outbrust between Benitez and the owners, Liverpool scored a beautiful win away at St James Park. Inspired by Gerrard, Liverpool dominated the game from start to finish.

Things are looking real good. This is the best start to a season for a long time. However, the off the field issue will hurt teh team if it persist. I hope that the issue will be solved. Though I do have doubts about the gaffer, we should give Rafa two more years to proof that he is the man for Liverpool.

For now, let us savour the great start and hope we can qualify for the 2nd stage of the Champion League.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

England - Out of Euro 2008

The face says it all.

Ex-England coach was sacked after England failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 after a shocking 2-3 defeat to Croatia at Wembley Stadium.

England was expected to draw or win against the already qualified Croatia but the unthinkable happened when Croatia raced to a two goal lead within 30 mins.

I'm having mixed feeling of England not qualifying for the tourament. One one hand, a tourament is not complete without England in there...on the other hand, England deserved to be eliminated. The players are mega superstars and are arrogant. They play for money and not for the nation.

With this shocking exit, the English FA must really look into the EPL as there was simply too many foreginers in a team. Look at the big four. How many English players can we see in the starting XI week in and week out. Because of this, the England National Team has suffered. Look at the Big Four plus Man City and Portsmouth, how many of these team have English striker? I think only Peter Crouch of Liverpool and Theo Walcott of Arsenal and Rooney of Man Utd.

English players are finding it hard to break into the first team due to the continuity of foregin players coming into the team. If the FA does not limit the foregin players, the England Team will always be struggling. Perhaps FIFA would impose stricter rules on foregin imports.

Lions Made History

Our National Football Team made history after they were through to the World Cup 2010 third qualifying round where they will meet Asian top guns like China, Korea, Japan, Australia etc. They will battle to go through to the final qualifying round.

The Lions dug deep to secure a 1-1 draw against Tajikistan after going a goal down in the 4th minute. The odds were stacked against the Lions after several players were down with diahorrea and also poor pitch condition.

With the result, the Lions can proudly be among the top 20 teams in Asia. We are getting closer but the hard work starts now.

I'm delighted for the team and wish them all the best.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sell Crouch? No way!

I was very disturbed and disappointed that Rafa is selling 'beanpole' Peter Crouch. It's a hugh mistake if Crouch really goes. He is an asset to the team. He brought a different attacking option to the team. Defenders fear for his height.

No wonder Rafa isn't playing him regularly this season and insist that he won't be sold. What rubbish Rafa! You will pay if Crouch is to score against Pool and dent Pool's hope of any silverware.

Yes...I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Rafa's biasness. He side players whom he likes despite performed so badly and drop players who perform well. Crouch rarely disappoint when he is called upon. Who scored the first goal that led to the demolition of Besiktas? Who scored a hatrick when the Reds destroyed Arsenal 4-1 last season? It's Peter Crouch.

If any players that deserved to be sold, it's definately the big buttock and clumsy Drik Kuyt and skinny Momo Sissoko. Both of them are useless players. I wonder what Rafa was thinking when he signed these 2 players?

If Liverpool fail to get any sliverware this season, then Rafa should go. I have lost faith in his judgement!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Liverpool can't win the EPL unless....

I sacrificed my sleep to watch my beloved Reds match against Fulham. It was a frustrating , agonizing and blood-boiling 80 mins of football.

Fulham came with a game plan to shut Liverpool down. They succeeded and Liverpool were restricted to long shots. The game was heading for a draw until the intervention of one man call "El Nino". He scored in the 81st minute out of nothing. From there, Fulham's heart was broken, Liverpool went on to score the 2nd goal from a Gerrard penalty.

Though still unbeaten in the league, I can't see Liverpool winning the EPL title judging from the way they play. Liverpool is not Arsenal who play football from another planet. No matter how hard Liverpool tried, they simply can't crave open up the Fulham's defence.

What if Torres is still not match fit? Are we seeing another draw at Anfield?

Sadly, Liverpool will not win the EPL unless

1) Rafa Benitez is Arsene Wenger
2) We have Cesc Fabregas
3) We have 11 Torres or Gerrard on the pitch.

It will be another season for hugh expectation but little promise for Liverpool.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Record Breaking Win

The scoreboard says it all.

Thanks to the reinstatement to my Sports Channel, I am able to witness Liverpool tore Besiktas apart.

Crouch and Babel got a brace, Gerrard got one and man of the match Yossi Benayoun helped himself to a hat-trick.

I seriously doubted Yossi when Rafa signed him. He looked light weight to me but I began to appreciate the creativity he brings to the team.

Everytime Liverpool attacks, there is a feeling that they will score. However this victory will mean nothing if they can't get through the group stage.

With this victory, I just hope that Rafa will stop his rotation policy and use the same starting XI for this weekend game against Fulham. I can see Fulham is there for the taking. I would love to see Crouch and Yossi starting the game.

Rafa, please drop Kuyt for the sake of the team. He is clearly struggling for goals. He has such a heavy bum!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

No Cable means no Soccer....

I finally tasted the feeling of not being to soccer the EPL or UEFA Champion League at the convienence of my fingertip.

After over 10 years of EPL over the weekend, suddenly I lost touch with the game. Blame who? Blame Cable for increasing the price. The feeling is not great. I feel MISERABLE, HORRIBLE, BORED AND LOST!!!! I can't even watch the clash between Pool and Arsenal. I can simply drive to my FIL's place to watch, anyway its only 5 mins drive but I don't feel comfortable.

I have not reach the stage of regret as I thought of my studies. Though watching soccer is a way for me to unwind but it will mean less time for wifey if i start studying and then watch soccer. This is what holding me back from reconnecting the channel.

I just hope most Pool's match will be on Saturday....

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Don't count Blessing too early

I remembered hours before the match between Liverpool and Marseille, I blogged an article about Liverpool being unbeaten. Then wifey asked me how's my phone betting. I said "Won money." Hours later, Liverpool was silenced and was beaten to Anfield. I began to lose money and Liverpool began to dish out poor football. They were lucky to draw Spurs when Torres scored in injury time. Then was lucky to beat Everton away courtesy of 2 penalties. At this stage, i had lost about $50. I began to get desperate and placed $50 on one match. A week later another $50 on one match. It paid off. I recovered and lost $10 in total. Liverpool poor form continued when they lost 1-2 to Betiska in the Champion League.

Unless Liverpool buck up, it will be another season of great expectation but nothing to show.

Friday, October 12, 2007

End of my EPL days

I finally terminated my Sports Channel and I target to resubscribe after 2 years provided the price remains at $25.00. Reasons being I can save close to $300 a year and also I do not want tto have any distraction when I commence my studies in Jan 08.

This will mean I can't watch my Liverpool at the comfort of my own living room. I will shuttle between my MIL's house to watch the game.

Will 'die' without EPL & Champion League? I shall wait and see...

"Walk On...Walk On...."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Struggling but still unbeaten

After 6-0 drubbing of the Rams, the Reds seem to lose steam somehow. A 0-0 away draw at Portsmouth, a lucky 1-1 away draw to Porto in the Champion League followed by 0-0 home draw against our bogey team Birmingham.

The draw at Portsmouth must considered a good result considering most teams return home empty handed. The horror show by the Reds at Porto was the worse under Benitez this season. We scored a lucky equalizer against the run of play and was fortuntate to survive the wave of attack after Pennant was stupidly sent off for his 2nd bookable offence.

The Reds was suppose to cruise against the Boys from St. Andrews but the Blues defence held tight and we failed to break them down. It's 2 points dropped rather than 1 point gained.

I was in Malacca watching the game against the Latics at the JJB Stadium. The Reds were not impressive. Thankfully we won the game 1-0 thanks to a moment of brillance by Youssi.

Still unbeaten in the we march on.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Life Without EPL

I'm preparing myself for weekend without EPL or rather total shutoff from soccer. I do not mind missing matches played by other teams but I simply could not shun away from Liverpool matches.

This is a move I have to made in order to save money. Imagine saving $30+ a month on sports channel..that is $300+ a year. I can buy 2 packets of Dryers for my kids each month. Then again, there is a trade off. I rather pay $7 more for my new car (If the bidding is successful) than to pay $10 more for Sports Channel. It's simply daylight robbery by Starhub to increase by $10.70.

All is not lost, I still can watch at my friend's house or my in-law place. Just that I won't be able to catch Liverpool's champion League games which will shown in the wee hours.

Anyway, it's a good thing to be without football as I will be studying again. Less distraction for me as well....

Liverpool Lucky Charm

Eversince I bought this T-shirt, I have been wearing on Saturday when I'm out with my family. So far it proved to be a good omen. Liverpool has not lost since the opening day of the EPL and Champion League matches.

Here it is.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Silence of the Rams

The peformance was average but it did not stop the Reds from claiming the biggest victory in this season EPL so far. Derby was on the wrong end of a 6-0 demolition. With this victory coupled by the 4-0 win over Tolouse, we are sending strong signal to the likes of the Chelsea, Man Utd & Arsenal that we are a geniune contender.

If not for the daylight robbery by Rob Styles, we would have 12 points. 3 points ahead of Chelsea and 4 points ahead of the Devils with a game in hand. Now we are top due to a superior goal difference.

This season certainly look well for the Reds. With things not well at the Bridge, the Reds are on course for the title. Cheers Reds...

I'm looking forward for every match the Reds play....

Friday, August 31, 2007

A Tribute to Antonio Puerta

1984 - 2007

It was a tragic news across the the football world. The 22 year oldpromising players died on Tuesday in the hospital. He collapsed during a Sunday La Liga match.

Though I followed the EPL but the news really affected me. How could a footballer die just like that? He is so young , he left behind his wife and a children.

My condolence to his family. May you rest in peace.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

So far so good

After the season opener win against Villa, We followed up with a hard earned win against Tolouse in the Champion League qualifer , a controversial draw against Chelsea and then a 2-0 win at Sunderland.

It was the most impressive start to a new campagin under the Benitez's era. It would have been 3 win out of 3 matches in domestic games and 4 win out of 4 in as many games if not for a man named "Syles".

Liverpool should have won the game until an intervention by referee Rob Styles. He awarded Chelsea a dubious penalty which should not have given at all. Come on Ref!!! What penalty? During the press conference, he confessed that it was his mistake to award the penalty. So what? You have changed the outcome of the match. The 2 points dropped may be crucial at the end of the season. What the fuck!!

Below are some headlines suited for the mistake:

1) "Styles robbed Liverpool a victory"

2) "Liverpool robbed in styles"

3) "Stylish Styles in Anfield robbery"

I just can't believe just provide Chelsea with an escape route.

No point crying over split Liverpool came to the Stadium of Light without Captain Gerrard. It was a tough place to play in. Nevertheless, we played a professional game. Guess who scored the 1st goal? The player i dislike the most.....Sissoko...of all people!!!

Anyway..its another 3 points in the bag.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Villa 1 Liverpool 2

What can I say? Great start to the new campaign and great fighting spirit to take all 3 points from assumingly difficult match away to Villa.

Cometh the hour cometh the man. Oh yea..He's our man. His beatifully curled free-kick ensure Liverpool claimed the points.

I'm very positive for the match against Chelsea this Sunday! Come on...we fear no one.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Starhub Profits!! Coz of EPL lah...

Looking at the headlines will make you feel so sick!!!

Bloody Hell....earn so much profits still want to "extort" somemore money via EPL. I business is to make money but please don't be too greedy and slaughter us like pigs, cow or sheep. Not many people can afford to watch the EPL if Starhub keep on increasing the price every year...

Don't tell we people that your profit come from mobile or think we stupid? You outbid the EPL rights at a very high price and then pass down all the expenses to us. Of course lah...Airing the EPL is a very lucrative and profitable business now...and you didn't think of the consumer paying for it....whether can we use saying more 'live' matches...Hello..use your brain think everybody can wake up 2-3am to watch a game...or u think all people have 2 sets of TV to watch 2 'live' matches concurrently? You Siao Ah....

No matter how u raise the fee for Sports Channel, we viewer have no say...we are at the mercy of you...wait til there is a competitor to enter the market...and then you will then be under the mercy of the viewers....The day will come..Phui!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Song Especially for My Wife


Please enjoy this song especially for you.

I will try to put this song together with our pics and post to Youtube.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Glory Days

As I was travelling in the bus to work, I passed by the National Stadium. I began to flashed my mind back to my younger days...i mean teenage days to be exact.

I grew up loving playing and watching soccer. My Dad used to bring me to East Coast Park to run around kicking the ball. Then when I reached Primary school, I was playing soccer before and during recess on the school field. I have a dream..To become a soccer player representing Singapore.

By the time I reached Secondary 1, I went for trial for the school Team. Sadly I was not good enough to be selected. There was one day when my Dad brought me to Joo Chiat Complex to get some sports item. We came to a sports shop.

The name: David Lee Sports World

It was opened by then the National goalkeeper. To my surprise, they are recruiting players to form a team. My Dad signed me up. Our training ground was in a school next to the old Jalan Besar Stadium called Christ Church Secondary. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and matches. I remembered me scoring some great goals for the club. After 1.5 years with the team, the team was dissolved due to some internal problems.

The training at the club greatly benefited me. I was selected for the school team during my Sec 2 time. I recalled losing our first match 0-4 to St Andrew's Secondary. In our second match, I fractured my wrist and had to miss out other matches.

I opted out from the School Team in Sec 3 fearing getting injured again. The itch of getting back to playing soccer was getting harder to bear. So in 1990 to 1991, I rejoined the school team. Those were when my own glory days started.

In 1990, our school team was dued to play strong teams like Ping Yi , East View , Woodsville and Machperson Sec which was coached by Ex-National Player. We won 1 and lost 3 and was eliminated. However, the match against East View was the one where I scored my 1st goal for my school. The memory was still fresh inside me...

The ball was bouncing with no one challenging for it....there were players from both side going for the ball...Seeing the goalkeeper out of his position, I rushed to lobbed the ball from outside the six yards box ....the ball flew over the goalkeeper and "GOAL!!!"..I was in seven heaven....nothing can describe the feelings that moments. Despite scoring, we lost 3-4.

In 1991 which was on last year with the school, we were grouped with strong teams. We played Bedok ITE in our last match having already eliminated again. Everyone was expecting Bedok ITE to thrash us. Prior to this match, the ITE team won all the matches. There were supporters from the ITE having home ground advantage.

20 mins into the game, the unthinkable happened...

We were going team-mate passed the ball from the left....everyone missed it...the ball rolled in to my path...." BANG!" ...I decided to take it first time. The ball went straight into the left of the goalkeeper leaving the goalkeeper stranded. The home crowd was stunned into silence. Same story, we lost 1-2.

Despite playing for my school for 3 years, I have no trophy or medal to show for. My trophies came mainly from playing the 7-A tourament held in a small field in my old home at Lengkong Tiga. It was an annual event held by the RC there.

In the first tourament in 1991, my team were the champion, then in 1992 my team came in second. . Then in 1993, my team became champion again but no trophy this time...only a jersey and a pounch which I threw away long time ago . In these 3 occasions, I was the captain of the team.

As you can see from the pictures below ( from left to right)

1) Champion 1990 - Inter-House Soocer Tourament .
2) Champion 1991 - Kg Kembangan Zone 3 1st Mini 7-A Side Soccer Fiesta
3) 1st Runner Up 1992 - Kg Kembangan Zone 3 3rd Mini 7-A Side
4) Runner Up 1992 - Bedok Lutheran Church Soccer Tourament
5) Champion 1994 - Le Meriden Changi 7-A Side Mixed Soccer

Sadly I could not fulfill my dream of becoming a soccer player due to lack of seriousness and discipline.

Anyway, I'm proud of myself when I looked back at my playing days and of course..these trophies...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Life without EPL

I have been pondering whether to seriously terminating my Sports Channel as a sign of protest or should I "gong gong" and pay whatever Starhub Cable extort from us. I can't imagine weekend without EPL, midnite without Champion League and others soccer actions. An increase of $10 plus 7% GST is a hugh jump. I'm thinking to absorb these increase out of my own pocket.

With Liverpool looking exciting this season, it will be a pity not able to watch them in action. Sure, i can watch at my buddy's place but who doesn't know to watch at the comfort of his or her home. The feeling is gonna be terrible when I heard people shouting "GOAL!" knowing I can't watch the game.

If I continue paying for the sake of watching, I would be sending the wrong signal to Starhub...well...I dun know what to do. Said is easier than done.

I'm a part of history!

The date to remember : 30th June 2007. Venue: National Stadium.

It was a significant day for most Singaporeans as it was the closing of the Grand Old Lady. Sadly but truly, the National Stadium will be torn down to make way for the new sports hub. There were 2 friendly matches to spark the day. Singapore Ex-Internatiional vs M'ysia Ex-International and the highly anticipated match between Singapore and Austrialia which feature stars from the EPL namely Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Mark Schwarzer & Lucas Neil.

What matter to me was not the match but the purpose to be a part of history. I remembered my mum told me that my dad brought her to the National Stadium when she was expecting me. That should be in 1974. The Stadium was opened in June 1973. By bringing my dad to the National Stadium, it completed the begining and the end of the Grand Old Lady.

Apart of that, the Stadium also brought many memories. From the Sea Games to the Merlion Cup to the Malaysia to the World Cup qualifier and to the Tiger Cup. My fondest memories was during the 1990s. When Singapore played Selangor in 1990, we won 4-0. Alistair Edwards was named the Man of the Match. After the final whistle, he came up to the VIP box to received the trophy and it was then I took the stairs down to the stadium track to take a photograph of him holding the trophy. I was certainly proud coz there were so many people asking me for the photo after that and I appeared on National TV. Hahaha.

One more memories was an exhibition match between Singapore Selection and HK celebrities. During halftime, my ticket was selected to particpate in a penalty kick. The goalkeeper? Eric Tsang. I was about to take the kick when I saw him coming off his goal to narrow his angle but I placed my shoot low toward his left and the ball went into the net. The crowd applauded. Another occasion was I was having training with then Tiong Bahru FC at the National Stadium. All these were sweet memories.

After the match, there was the lighting of the cauldron for the last time and the some moments back to the past. It was such an emotional night. I did shed some tears when the host Mark and Brian Richmond brought us back to the past. Of course, there were the fireworks.

As my dad and me exit the stadium, my dad requested to take some photographs....I can also see the sadness in him. I also took one photograph with him during the halftime break. I will certainly regret if i did not pose a picture with him.

We had Teochew porridge before I went home. The time? 12am. Though it was late, I enjoyed the time with my dad. It has been 2 years since I went to watch a match with him.

Friday, June 15, 2007

$10 increase for Sports Channel

I read a news about CableTV hike

I have this to say:

What fucking excuse you are giving? What fucking message you are sending to EPL lovers like us? Simply by saying "We've no choice" is like pushing all possible questions away we consumers throw at you. You have been increasing the price for sports from $8 to $15 and now $15 to $25. It's an increase of $17 in a space of 3 years and less.

It's very obvious that your company is not looking at ways to cut costs and pass the saving to consumers. All you want is profit and more profit. I do agree that each and every company do businesss to earn profit but big company like you should empathize with people who genuinely love to watch the EPL but could not afford that much. Instead of thinking ways to help the consumers, you went ahead with the increase just because you have secured the rights at a high costs. Indeed your company work on a principle "If you want to watch the EPL, just pay money no talk".

I strongly object to your company is saying profit is lean when it has reportedly that the company is showing strong earnings. You can say whatever you like..e.g lean profits margin...high operating costs and other nonsenses..but we consumer will never know if what you said is ever true.

All i can say is that Starhub are bloodsuckers....I shall cancel my sports channel and will think of alternatives. We won't die or suffer without watching the EPL but Starhub wil suffer if subscribers keep cancelling their subscription.

As for CASE, you are just a lion without teeths. Can't power at all to intervene. What you can say is bad timing etc..blah..blah and don't do anything. I just wondering what does CASE stands for ..Consumers Are Simply Extortable....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lack of transfer activities

Hey...what is going on with Liverpool? Man Utd has already strengthen their team with 3 promising signings so does Portsmouth and some other clubs.

With the new owners and a hefty transfer kitty, one would imagine Liverpool should be busy with signings or rather have already signed one or two players but that is not the case. Damn disappointed.

Maybe they are quietly doing their business so as not to alert Man Utd or Chelsea but surely they must act quickly. They are linked with West Ham's Benayoun...what that man? I dun mean he is a lousy player but the Reds must go for a class player...not as if Liverpool has no money available...

Please...Please...I hope to see at least 2 new signings by next of this month...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

No Athen Joy for Reds

For the Italian, it was a sweet revenge. For Liverpool, they will ponder why they were not sixth time lucky having dominated most of the games.

The Italians have 2 person to thank. One is their goalkeeper Dida and the other is the man in black. I cast my mind back to what the commentator said before the game. "Milan have won the all the European Cup Final when the German referee was the offical for the games except in Istanbul 2005." Mind you, Milan did not lose in normal time in 2005. So as you can see, history favour the Italians.

It turned out to be true. The German referee gifted Milan a free kick just a minute before half-time. Milan scored from the resulted free-kick. It was a physological blow for Liverpool who controlled the game from the start. Replay showed that there was minimal contact on Kaka by Alonso. The referee could have waved play-on.

Dida redeemed himself this time by producing crucial saves from Pennant and Gerrard from each half. The two shots were going in until the save. If Pennant shot went in, Liverpool would likely to win the Cup because Milan will need to attack more and Liverpool can exploit with their pace against the ageing Milan's defence. However, Kuyt's goal is a mere consolation.

I'm very proud of the the way Liverpool played. They dominated but lost. Rafa can say "The better team lost." Sounds familiar? You bet.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rafa: You nearly blew it.

Liverpool was plain lucky not to have the 3rd place snatched from them after Arsenal were held to a draw by Portsmouth after they themselves came back twice to draw Charlton.

I was furious with the team put out by Rafa during the last 3 matches. 2 consecutive away defeat and a home draw really disappoint me. I can understand Rafa priority is the Champion League. However he also need to cement the third place by fielding a string team. Imagine if Liverpool lose the the Champion League match and Arsenal beat them to the 3rd place? What does that mean? Liverpool will play in the Champion League qualifying round. What if Liverpool were knocked out during the qualifying round? It will mean UEFA Cup.

I am a relieved man when Liverpool clinch 3rd spot. Rafa's plan nearly backfired.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Athens -Here We Come

Semi-finals - 01 May 2007 20:45 (CET) - Anfield - Liverpool

Aggregate: 1 - 1 Liverpool (4 - 1) win on penalties

1 - 0
Agger 22

Match report
Pepe Reina celebrates sending Liverpool through with Steve Finnan (©Getty Images)
Penalty joy as Liverpool reach finalTuesday, 1 May 2007
by John Mathewsfrom Anfield

Pepe Reina saved two spot-kicks as Liverpool FC knocked English rivals Chelsea FC out of the UEFA Champions League 4-1 on penalties to reach a second final in three seasons on a dramatic night at Anfield. Chelsea deniedDaniel Agger's first-half shot had taken the semi-final into extra time but with no further goals and the aggregate scores locked at 1-1, a shoot-out ensued in which Dirk Kuyt struck the decisive conversion. After Boudewijn Zenden had tucked away Liverpool's first attempt, Reina guessed right to save Arjen Robben's effort. The next penalties were scored by Xabi Alonso, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard before Geremi was outsmarted by Reina and Kuyt stroked in the clincher.

ElectrifyingAnfield had basked under a cloudless sky and brilliant sunshine at kick-off, but as darkness fell and the temperature dropped so it rose to boiling point inside the famous old stadium which, as expected, was full of song and passion throughout. Visibly lifted by the crowd, Liverpool started brightly and had most of the early possession without making inroads until the place erupted in celebration in the 22nd minute.

Agger goal
Gerrard fooled everyone with a low free-kick from the corner of the box which Chelsea expected to be curled up towards Peter Crouch and the mass of bodies around him; instead the Liverpool captain squared it to Danish international defender Agger, who sidefooted the ball past Petr Čech with power and precision. The aggregate equaliser was greeted by near pandemonium and Chelsea struggled to get into the match until Didier Drogba gave Liverpool a scare when he beat the offside trap but not Reina, who blocked his shot from a promising position.

Essien chance
The Premiership title-holders had another decent opportunity to equalise five minutes before the interval, however. Drogba climbed well to nod Lampard's corner towards the Kop End goal, yet Michael Essien could not apply the finishing touch with his header and the ball bounced to safety past Reina's right-hand post.

Off the bar
Although it seemed impossible at the time, the tension increased after the break as both teams went in search of goals. Crouch thought he had done enough to score when he towered above Paulo Ferreira and Essien to meet Jermaine Pennant's cross but his downward header was kept out by the feet of Čech. Soon afterwards, Kuyt went even closer with a header that came back off the crossbar. With so much at stake, errors were commonplace and what the game lacked in fluidity, it more than made up for with intensity.

Carragher scare
Determined to fight back, Chelsea went within a whisker of levelling matters on the night when full-back Ashley Cole raided down the left in the 75th minute and cut the ball inside from the byline; Jamie Carragher, in an attempt to deny Drogba, connected from three metres out and saw his clearance skim over the top. As play and the psychological pendulum swung this way and that, Zenden brought another save from Čech, yet the clocked eventually ticked down to

90 without further score, prompting extra time.
Offside decisionKuyt found the net in the first additional period but an offside flag ruled his effort out after he had followed up Čech's parry from substitute Alonso's stinging drive. Čech frustrated Kuyt again after the stretching Drogba was centimetres away from turning in Shaun Wright-Phillips's enticing centre. Tired minds and weary legs failed to conjure a match-winner, however, and penalties beckoned at the Anfield Road End. Here, Kuyt did get his winning goal and, for the seventh time in their history, Liverpool are through to the European Champion Clubs' Cup final; Chelsea, beaten at this stage for the third time since 2004, still await their first.
© 1998-2007. All rights reserved.
Pre Match

Jose...You deserve it!!!

Well....Shut up Jose! Your team is out of the Champion League and your EPL title is out of reach. It's time you zip your mouth and respect the team that are better than you. Do you know you are slapping yourself when you taunt the opposition. You gave them the motivate to put your mouth in your ass. Calling Liverpool a "small team"? Calling Ronald uneducated? If a "small" team like Liverpool can make it to the final of the European clun premier competition twice in 3 years..then what do you call Chelsea that spend millions and can't even get into the Final of UCL? You call that "small" team, Jose? Na Bei!!!

Please stop calling yourself the Special One. This title should be given to Rafa Benitez and of course the 12th man for Liverpool...the Anfield Faithful....

Jose....give the team credit and not insist that your team is the better one. If your words "the better team was knocked out"....then Liverpool must the better team in the first leg. Jose..your days at Stamford Bridge are numbered....Prepare to pack your bag and go.....Mr. Roman Abramovic is calling for your head...Can't you hear that?

My Betting Tickets

When Liverpool was paired with Chelsea for the UCL semi-final, I never gave them a chance despite truimping over the defending champion Barcelona. I bought Chelsea and Man Utd is win the UCL. Now with Chelsea knocked out (deservedly so)..Man Utd represent my best hope of winning....However, I love to see Liverpool winning the trophy again...I dun mind losing money...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Liverpool v Chelsea - Champion League (2nd Leg S-F)

Tomorrow morning will see a repeat of the 04/05 semi-final. But this time Liverpool will need to overcome a 1-0 defict to stand any hope of earning the ticket to Athens. Being a Liverpool fan, I would hope to see the Reds progress to their 2nd final in 3 years. However I'm quite skeptical about their chances. The recent events might just swing Chelsea's favour. The EPL title is as good as gone for Chelsea after the draw on Saturday. The Blues would also want to put an end to the controversial defeat 3 years ago. Looks like Chelsea is more motivated than the Reds.

My prediction : 1-1 or 0-1.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wanted - Dead or Alive !

He is the worst player in the Liverpool shirt now. He can't even shoot, can't even pass, can't even dribble and can't even hold the ball. He is only capable of giving away foul and ball. What a fucking lousy player!!!!

Don't understand why the gaffer still believe in him. Each time he gets the ball, the ball 'disappears.' He is just a squad player. Judging by his standard, the S-League would suit him fine.

Very frustrated to watch him in action. Waste my precious sleep just to watch this idiot playing soccer. I rather watch my wife playing soccer.

Damn bloody lousy!! Phui!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

Two goals in the first 15 minutes sinked the millionaires of Chelsea 2-0 and it dent a hole in the Blues title race. Well done lads. It was the Reds first win in over 10 matches between the two. The makeshift defence of Chelsea paved the way for a Liverpool victory. Hang on...shouldn't the multi-million assembled squad provide some answer to Liverpool? way. Not even Lampard, Ballack, Drogba or Shevchenko can find a way through the Great Red Wall.

Jose finally admitted defeat in grace....A real satisfaction for all Red fans...Too bad..i missed the two great goals..

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