Friday, November 30, 2007

Chant of Rafa..Rafa..

Hey..Hey...I was criticising Rafa weeks ago and now I'm backing him again. The Reds manage to put behind the problems off the pitch to rout Poto 4-1 to keep their Champion League hope alive.

There were chant of support for Rafa before the game and rightly so. I have doubts about him but somehow I can see him doing amazing stuff for Liverpool. I guess I got to stick with Rafa and turn against the American owners. I fully agree with Rafa that the targeted players won't come cheap later if we don't sign them now. Liverpool got to signed Javier Meschanro quickly. I could see Rafa adding 2 more defenders and a midfielder should the owners give him the green light to sign players.

I hope Rafa will stay..otherwise all effort will go down the drain...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lions in Tough Group

We are placed in a tough group together with The Saudis, Uzbesks and Lebonese. I wonder wish they could be in the group with the Korea Rep.

Like what Raddy said, we have nothing to lose. I fully agreed. We have exceeded expectation to be in the Top 20 teams in Asia so even if we lose all the matches, we can held our head high.

I can't wait to see the Lions in action again.

Thumbs Up Reds

Despite being elimintaed from Euro 2008 qualifying and a mini outbrust between Benitez and the owners, Liverpool scored a beautiful win away at St James Park. Inspired by Gerrard, Liverpool dominated the game from start to finish.

Things are looking real good. This is the best start to a season for a long time. However, the off the field issue will hurt teh team if it persist. I hope that the issue will be solved. Though I do have doubts about the gaffer, we should give Rafa two more years to proof that he is the man for Liverpool.

For now, let us savour the great start and hope we can qualify for the 2nd stage of the Champion League.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

England - Out of Euro 2008

The face says it all.

Ex-England coach was sacked after England failed to qualify for the Euro 2008 after a shocking 2-3 defeat to Croatia at Wembley Stadium.

England was expected to draw or win against the already qualified Croatia but the unthinkable happened when Croatia raced to a two goal lead within 30 mins.

I'm having mixed feeling of England not qualifying for the tourament. One one hand, a tourament is not complete without England in there...on the other hand, England deserved to be eliminated. The players are mega superstars and are arrogant. They play for money and not for the nation.

With this shocking exit, the English FA must really look into the EPL as there was simply too many foreginers in a team. Look at the big four. How many English players can we see in the starting XI week in and week out. Because of this, the England National Team has suffered. Look at the Big Four plus Man City and Portsmouth, how many of these team have English striker? I think only Peter Crouch of Liverpool and Theo Walcott of Arsenal and Rooney of Man Utd.

English players are finding it hard to break into the first team due to the continuity of foregin players coming into the team. If the FA does not limit the foregin players, the England Team will always be struggling. Perhaps FIFA would impose stricter rules on foregin imports.

Lions Made History

Our National Football Team made history after they were through to the World Cup 2010 third qualifying round where they will meet Asian top guns like China, Korea, Japan, Australia etc. They will battle to go through to the final qualifying round.

The Lions dug deep to secure a 1-1 draw against Tajikistan after going a goal down in the 4th minute. The odds were stacked against the Lions after several players were down with diahorrea and also poor pitch condition.

With the result, the Lions can proudly be among the top 20 teams in Asia. We are getting closer but the hard work starts now.

I'm delighted for the team and wish them all the best.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sell Crouch? No way!

I was very disturbed and disappointed that Rafa is selling 'beanpole' Peter Crouch. It's a hugh mistake if Crouch really goes. He is an asset to the team. He brought a different attacking option to the team. Defenders fear for his height.

No wonder Rafa isn't playing him regularly this season and insist that he won't be sold. What rubbish Rafa! You will pay if Crouch is to score against Pool and dent Pool's hope of any silverware.

Yes...I'm getting increasingly frustrated with Rafa's biasness. He side players whom he likes despite performed so badly and drop players who perform well. Crouch rarely disappoint when he is called upon. Who scored the first goal that led to the demolition of Besiktas? Who scored a hatrick when the Reds destroyed Arsenal 4-1 last season? It's Peter Crouch.

If any players that deserved to be sold, it's definately the big buttock and clumsy Drik Kuyt and skinny Momo Sissoko. Both of them are useless players. I wonder what Rafa was thinking when he signed these 2 players?

If Liverpool fail to get any sliverware this season, then Rafa should go. I have lost faith in his judgement!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Liverpool can't win the EPL unless....

I sacrificed my sleep to watch my beloved Reds match against Fulham. It was a frustrating , agonizing and blood-boiling 80 mins of football.

Fulham came with a game plan to shut Liverpool down. They succeeded and Liverpool were restricted to long shots. The game was heading for a draw until the intervention of one man call "El Nino". He scored in the 81st minute out of nothing. From there, Fulham's heart was broken, Liverpool went on to score the 2nd goal from a Gerrard penalty.

Though still unbeaten in the league, I can't see Liverpool winning the EPL title judging from the way they play. Liverpool is not Arsenal who play football from another planet. No matter how hard Liverpool tried, they simply can't crave open up the Fulham's defence.

What if Torres is still not match fit? Are we seeing another draw at Anfield?

Sadly, Liverpool will not win the EPL unless

1) Rafa Benitez is Arsene Wenger
2) We have Cesc Fabregas
3) We have 11 Torres or Gerrard on the pitch.

It will be another season for hugh expectation but little promise for Liverpool.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Record Breaking Win

The scoreboard says it all.

Thanks to the reinstatement to my Sports Channel, I am able to witness Liverpool tore Besiktas apart.

Crouch and Babel got a brace, Gerrard got one and man of the match Yossi Benayoun helped himself to a hat-trick.

I seriously doubted Yossi when Rafa signed him. He looked light weight to me but I began to appreciate the creativity he brings to the team.

Everytime Liverpool attacks, there is a feeling that they will score. However this victory will mean nothing if they can't get through the group stage.

With this victory, I just hope that Rafa will stop his rotation policy and use the same starting XI for this weekend game against Fulham. I can see Fulham is there for the taking. I would love to see Crouch and Yossi starting the game.

Rafa, please drop Kuyt for the sake of the team. He is clearly struggling for goals. He has such a heavy bum!
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