Thursday, January 31, 2008

Malaysia Cup Days

When I was watching the higlight of a match between Singapore v Kedah on Youtube, it invoke many wonderful memories during the Malaysia Cup days. Those days, the National Stadium will be full during Saturday.

I would bring my then girlfriend(my wifey) to watch the game with my Dad and sister. We often "chop" seat for Dad's friend. Whenever Singapore scored, the Kallang Roar will appeared and we could feel the stand shaking. It was fun! The sound of "Drinks, Koropo, KopiOh still ring around my ears.

I also used to travel across the Causeway just to catch the Lions in action. From Sarawak to Malacca to Johor to Negri Sembilian and to Kuala Lumpur. It's just simply enjoyable.

The experience at the Shah Alam Stadium in 1994 was the moment which I will never ever forget in my life. Singapore beat Pahang 4-0 to win the Cup. Abbas Saad scored a hatrick. It was like home ground for the Lions as there were about 30,000 fans from Singapore and only about 10,000 fans from Pahang. Sadly, that was the last Malaysia Cup Singapore took part.
I really miss those days....

Crisis and more Crisis

After draws and a laboured win in the FA, Liverpool lost to a last minute penalty to West Ham.

After the loss, the Reds are in 7th position not even in the UEFA spot. Just what is happening to my beloved Reds?

Is there a internal struggle? Is there discontent among the owners and the manager or whatever.

If Liverpool can't even secure a UCL spot, then it will have a dire consequences on the financial books for the Reds. Rafa would be gone when the season gone. Did the takeover made matter worse or did Liverpool fall into the wrong hands? Only Heaven knows.

I just hope Liverpool will bounce back and beat Sunderland on weekend and get a result at Chelsea.

Takeovers destroyed the game

The English League in the 70s, 80s and until the mid 90s are simply great to watch. There are more English players than foreigners. Transfer fees are not inflated. There is a level playing field for all teams.

The promise of the pre-presidential election of some football started to bring in world class players started to bring up the transfer fees. Soon came the investor buying over the clubs and start pouring in millions into the club. They pay over the moon for a star player and offer hard to resist finanical package to the players. When the team do not achieve the results in just 8-10 matches into the season, the owners sack the manager. Football clubs are run like business nowsaday.

No longer can the poorer club compete with the teams backed up by millionaires. Unless and until rich investor take over the likes of Leeds Utd, Stoke City , Nottingham Forest, Oldham Alt etc..they always end up in the lower tier of the league.

Watching the EPL is no longer as enjoyable as before. It's sickening to see the same teams challenging for the league title.

I hope FIFA can do something, otherwise the beautiful game will be a boring game.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just what these 3 pictures tell you about?

It's about betrayal! Never in the history of Liverpool Football Club line up a "insurance policy" behind the current manager. It is utter disgrace, Hick!

Maybe Rafa is right. If he is sacked, he will take legal action against Mr. Hick, a decision I agreed and supported Rafa.

Given the turn of event, the person who should go from Liverpool are the new owners not Rafa.

The off the pitch has suddenly made Liverpool look like a club in turnmoil. With the rumour that the new owner is selling the club to Dubai International, Liverpool has been treated like a ball being kicked around.

The takeover should not happened in the first place. It's sad for the fan.

A season with a empty promise.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just Go, Rafa

I have gradualy lost faith in fact most of the Reds fan is getting impatient. Sadly but truly, it seem we are ending the season empty handed.

There are some players which is a liability rather than an asset. I'm glad that Momo Sissoko is exiting Anfield. This is one of the better news I received when readin the internet. Next player on my list is Dirk Kuyt. Often guilty of missing chances. I often wonder why is he picked ahead of Crouch. Look at his scoring statistic and one can see how miserable Kuyt's goal in front of goal.

Liverpool has been linked with Klinsmann but I prefer a man which I hated most. He is none other than Jose Mourhino. Hahaha.

I'm just so frustrated at how things developed with the football club. Hmm...the thoughts of luring Ericksson to Liverpool seem to be a good idea considering how well Man City performed this season.
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