Friday, June 15, 2007

$10 increase for Sports Channel

I read a news about CableTV hike

I have this to say:

What fucking excuse you are giving? What fucking message you are sending to EPL lovers like us? Simply by saying "We've no choice" is like pushing all possible questions away we consumers throw at you. You have been increasing the price for sports from $8 to $15 and now $15 to $25. It's an increase of $17 in a space of 3 years and less.

It's very obvious that your company is not looking at ways to cut costs and pass the saving to consumers. All you want is profit and more profit. I do agree that each and every company do businesss to earn profit but big company like you should empathize with people who genuinely love to watch the EPL but could not afford that much. Instead of thinking ways to help the consumers, you went ahead with the increase just because you have secured the rights at a high costs. Indeed your company work on a principle "If you want to watch the EPL, just pay money no talk".

I strongly object to your company is saying profit is lean when it has reportedly that the company is showing strong earnings. You can say whatever you like..e.g lean profits margin...high operating costs and other nonsenses..but we consumer will never know if what you said is ever true.

All i can say is that Starhub are bloodsuckers....I shall cancel my sports channel and will think of alternatives. We won't die or suffer without watching the EPL but Starhub wil suffer if subscribers keep cancelling their subscription.

As for CASE, you are just a lion without teeths. Can't power at all to intervene. What you can say is bad timing etc..blah..blah and don't do anything. I just wondering what does CASE stands for ..Consumers Are Simply Extortable....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lack of transfer activities

Hey...what is going on with Liverpool? Man Utd has already strengthen their team with 3 promising signings so does Portsmouth and some other clubs.

With the new owners and a hefty transfer kitty, one would imagine Liverpool should be busy with signings or rather have already signed one or two players but that is not the case. Damn disappointed.

Maybe they are quietly doing their business so as not to alert Man Utd or Chelsea but surely they must act quickly. They are linked with West Ham's Benayoun...what that man? I dun mean he is a lousy player but the Reds must go for a class player...not as if Liverpool has no money available...

Please...Please...I hope to see at least 2 new signings by next of this month...
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