Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hillsbrough Tragedy

As I read about how Liverpool FC and the supporters paid their respect to the 96 victims during the Hillbrough tragedy, I could not help but to recall the incident that fateful day.

I was 15 at that time. I could still remembered I was watching the telecast of the FA Cup semi-final when suddenly crowd broke into the field. Mayhem and chaos engulf. Back then, I was wondering what was happening. I could see spectators are trying to flee the place. Moments later, something was very wrong. I saw people using the advertisement board as stretchers. However I was unable to realise the seriousness of the heart broken moments.

I went through some letters written by the parents / kin / spouse on their thoughts on her children / sblings / spouse that never returned after a football match, I felt terribly upset.

Personally, I hope these people will be strong and that their love ones who perished in this tragedy will always remain in their heart.

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